Adrian's Autocare Center Customer Reviews

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Marilyn L.

My new mechanic place, for sure! My car wouldn't start last night, so had it towed this morning to Adrian's after calling all over town. Some shops said they couldn't look at it until next week, some said they would try to look at it but weren't sure they would have time, some sounded annoyed to even be taking a call, but Trent at Adrian's was friendly, told me not to worry just bring it in and they would do their best for me. Told me right up front they charge a $50 diagnostic scan to find the problem and then call to get approval for any work and explain the charges. The car started up without a problem once it got there. I have owned 7 different vehicles and NEVER ever have been told they couldn't find a problem so there was no charge (didn't even need the $50 diagnostic test because the car started). Wow am I glad I found these guys. My repairs will be done here from now on. I think the days of taking my own Vaseline to the mechanic shop might be over! Ladies - get these guys in your little black book.

Sheena B.

After getting a quote for $1,400 to get a muffler at the dealership changed. i called Adrian's hoping they would be able to help me out just a little. Not only were they professional and easy to work with but it only cost me $230 to replace my muffler! Great service, honest people whom I will be using a lot more in the future.

Marc R.

I was in a pinch with my brakes seizing up, and being out of town, I didn't know where to go. Luckily, I happened upon this place.  They changed all of my brake parts within a reasonable amount of time, and the cost was less than I expected. This is a very honest auto shop, and I couldn't recommend them more. I come to the area 3-4 times a year, and they will be the shop performing any maintenance on my car.

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